Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #9

Weekly MindFlow VideoBlog.
In this edition Rafael Pensado (drums) and Ricardo Winandy (bass):
- talks about the process of composition of the songs
- the Musick family
- answer the question of the week: "How can I join the Street Team?"
- more!

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Monday, January 26, 2009


FGV (Getúlio Vargas’s Foundation) put together a study indicating that 53% of the Brazilian population doesn’t have access to basic sanitation and if based on the progress made along the country’s history, the problem will be completely solved on the year 2122.

On the other hand the public machine grew. According to the government, on the first 3 years of the actual administration, more than 37,500 new political ranks were created with no further explanation. The spends pass over US$ 300 millions with all that people.

Problems like lack of basic sanitation for more than half of the people living in Brazil, poverty and no access to medical care are not new issues in Brazilian history.

So we can’t help but to ask why spend US$ 300 millions creating 37,500 new inside the government jobs when you can invest this money to solve problems or, at least, to extinguish the suffering from the more needed? This question may sound naïve, and the government probably has a very wise answer.

But the fact remains…

Apparently, for some unknown reason, the government prefer to grow than to do the job they were hired to.

They prefer to become fat, leaving the children thinner.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #8

In this edition, Rafael Pensado (drummer), Rodrigo Hidalgo (guitar) and Ricardo Winandy (bass):
- Talk about and show scenes of the concert at the ONG "Casa do Zezinho".
- Answer the questions of the week: "Is there going to be a 2009 US Tour?" and "When the videoclip of the music Breakthrough will be available?"
- more!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

The day after a very special concert

Last Friday we performed to the children from “Casa do Zezinho”, a very special institution that take kids out of the street and offer them, besides a home, an opportunity to learn and develop their talents.

It was amazing to see the reaction from the kids. They were so happy and having a great time.
Also we played a couple of songs with some of the young kids and it was mind-blowing to see their talent. And not only in music, but also painting, crafting sculptures, writing etc.

It makes us think how many gifted and talented children are lost to crime and drugs just because a simple lack of opportunity.

We can’t keep loosing more Picassos, Mozarts, Shakespeares and Coppolas.
It’s everybody’s job to make sure every children receive a helping hand, to give them a little push and respect. That is all they need.

“Casa do Zezinho” takes care of more than a thousand of children without the government’s help. This institution is made by people that transformed their own dreams on making the dreams of others come true. There is nothing more rewarding than that.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #7

In this edition Danilo Herbert (vocal), Rodrigo Hidalgo (guitar), Ricardo Winandy (bass) and Rafael Pensado (drums):

- Explain step by step the game "Follow Your Instinct", which can be played at the website(
- Answer the question of the week, by Josh: "Can I really download some of MindFlow songs, without paying anything?"
- More!


Monday, January 12, 2009

A very special concert

This friday (Jan 16th) we are going to make a very special concert.
MindFlow will perform in front of the kids from “Casa do Zezinho”.

Casa do Zezinho is an institution with the main objective to take kids out of the streets and teach them a profession, give them home and perspective.
The institution also provides health and home assistance, physical activities and most important, it estimulates self-learning and good social behavior.
They live in a very dangerous area here in Sao Paulo surrounded by crime and like they usually say: “Here, the laws don't exist”.

We are really excited with the oportunity to maybe inspire a little bit those young kids with our music.
Most of these children haven't got the chance to see a live concert and we are really honored to give them this oportunity.

Why some kids on street are our problem others not?
Take a look at the test this institution made (at downtown Sao Paulo):


To learn more about the institution, access:

Friday, January 9, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #6

In this edition Rodrigo Hidalgo (guitar) and Ricardo Winandy (bass):
- talk about the new fan area in the website called "Fan Art" and the weekly chat.
- answer the question of the week: what is the meaning of the lyrics of the song "Destructive Device"?
- more!

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Learn Your Soul Profile

Ahhh… 2009!
The New Year always brings us that fresh feeling. It gives us power and motivation to start something new. And with the experience of the past years that oneday were just as fresh as 2009, we became what we are.

The New Year opens great possibilities for statements like “This year I will do…” or "2009 is the year when I will become…"
It’s a great feeling!

We just want to suggest to all of us one more phrase to be added to the couple above: Who are we actually?

Reading the article from the "Alliance for a New Humanity" we found a series of questions to help us answer that.

Write down your response to each of the following, using three words. This will be your soul profile, a list of 21 qualities that are present in your life and can be actualized today. If you act on the basis of these qualities, you are living from the level of your soul.

1. What is your purpose for being here?

2. What will be your contribution to the world?

3. What do you see as your unique talents?

4. What are the best qualities you display in your closest relationships?

5. Who are your heroes in myth and legend?

6. Which qualities do you most admire in others?

7. At the peak moments of your life, how did you feel?

"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World…" - Mahatma Gandhi