Monday, June 29, 2009

It won't last forever... Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon forest is being reduced to ashes for years.
Even though the Brazilian senate has just approved a law that gives the right to companies and people that had invaded it years ago to legally explore more of this precious land. More than 190,271,143 acres will be affected by this new law (3 times the extension of the state of Sao Paulo, in Brazil).

The law is favorable for big and medium companies, which will purchase 88.5% of this land that used to be property of the government, according to estimatives of environmentalists. (Property of the government used to mean our property, it is nation’s land!)

It is though very clear why the Brazilian government has approved this absurd law in times that we should be finally evolving in this matter. Most of the governors, the people in charge of the country, are financed by these companies, or even own it.
Using the excuse that they want to organize the situation better in the Amazon, they are in reality working one more time to benefit themselves in exchange of the peoples’ and nation’s welfare.

This rotten Brazilian government can only think on how each one can selfishly profit, even by illegal acts (which are not a few) or by fooling the people’s that they so hardly work to keep uneducated.

But this kind of decision affects not only the country but the entire world.
At this rate of deforestation, the next generation will only be able to see the forest on the internet, books...

We are being selfish to our sons.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Iran Protest

The dream was that human rights were real, not a curtain covering the will of the ones in charge. Keeping us drunk with the illusion of peace and decency.

Neda, the girl killed in Iran... She is one inside a billion. Another person who lost her life just for believe in something different.
What now? Should we keep accepting murder and humiliation?

Men, we are a strange and cruel specie: When we are alone, we are needy, fragile, victims of the world. In groups... we become something else... we turn earth into hell.
We behave like a virus, consuming, destroying and not looking back.

I’d like to ask you all: Where are we going?
We took the road to extinction and we are too proud to admit it.
Why are human rights only for the ones who committed crime?
Human rights didn't have time to save a innocent life.

again I take this as my words...
"Don’t pray for better lives... Pray to be stronger men"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Six billion demands

Brazil is considered one of the most violent countries in the world.
The rate of assaults, kidnappings, exterminations, and domestic violence against women is extremely high.
Their causes are always the same: misery, poverty, unemployment, lack of education and opportunities.

The police finds it very hard to manage all those critical situations and sometimes uses a disproportional power.
It creates a circle of violence where people just reacts violently.
It is common to see in soccer stadiums men and women getting beat by policemen just because they were on a "hot spot" and also common to see people generating violence for nothing making the police act like that.
To destroy this circle we must think with non-violence mind, we can't continue blaming the others for problems that affects us. We need to start a riot of peace.

We are the Destructive Device and like the song goes: "We got to stop this now, thta is all we want. We gotta do it somehow... Six billion demands!

"Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men."
John F. Kennedy


Monday, June 8, 2009

Giving a chance to live

In Brazil we have a huge line of people waiting for a chance to live.
Like other lines in Brazil, this one moves desperately slow.
They are waiting for an organ donor.
It couldn't be worse... Many times we have the donors and the compatible organs, but sadly we are not capable to extract the organs in time to help those in need.

Every Brazilian citizen know what a public hospital is like: endless lines, no doctors, no decent treatment, no drugs and no infrastructure for the doctors do their job.
Strangely we have one of the most advanced and structured organ's list, but we can't give what they need just because of lack of government's support in hospitals.
We are letting people die twice when we could be saving lives.

Politics! It has passed the time to take actions on this matter. That is why we voted on you.

For us, please, let your family know you want to be an organ donor.

Organs that can be donated:


Monday, June 1, 2009

The World's biggest natural disaster

Watching the news we can notice how crazy our world is right now. Not just the people, which is getting even crazier every second, but our wild world.

Brazil has never been a country profoundly affected by natural disasters. Some people say the people in here are our real disaster. We can agree with it in some degrees, if we consider all the corruption at our government, and how this “corrupted” examples affects all our culture. At least this is one plausible explanation why such a naturally rich country like Brazil hold all this poverty... (Of course, besides it has all the past exploitation in here among other things)

But these last days all we can watch on the news are bizarre natural disasters. Brazil’s north and northeast, a very, very hot place, historically affected by drought, is suffering of flood, excess of rain (for us, it sounds really weird). And Brazil’s south, the coldest part of the country, which 7 months ago suffered a really big catastrophe because of the flood that made hundreds of family to lost their houses, is now suffering of drought!
What is more frightening is that this inundation at our north and northeast is even worst than the one that happened on the south (though it has less media appeal for some reason).

Those are some clear examples of how the global warming is directly affecting our lives (and our deaths).
Where will that end? (in the end of the world? In the end of most coast cities?)
What have we been doing to change this?
Nothing. Nothing compared to what it means to us, on how it affects us.
How many times did you choose to go to work on your bike or walking to don’t collaborate with the increase of Carbon Dioxide in our atmosphere?

For some governments, taking action to change this destiny we are heading to is not even discussed because of the economic impact it would cause. It would make most of the countries to loose enormous amounts of money. I wonder if they make the math of how much it costs all the disasters we are having, and all the lives that are being lost, compared to what it would cost to collaborate to change the course we have been taking.
With this idea, we can see why they don’t make much to properly inform the population as well. If they invested the same amount of energy they invested to inform about the new flu, I’m sure it would make a really big difference.

Yes, we really are the world’s biggest natural disaster. But some time all of us will have to understand that without life there is no money, no economy at all.