Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stick to your values

Most people are not likely to do the right thing. If they hurt you and they can get away with it, they will. We live in an unfair world.
It is even worst in the third world, where there are more uneducated people and more people with necessities. Many are thinking first on how to survive, the rest is the rest. The laws are not always rightly enforced and many government officials are corrupt.

Every time we get out to the streets we are likely to suffer an injustice. There are too many different people, with different education, values, etc. People are not always fair, many don’t have morality (or what we judge to be morality), it is a fact.
We have to be ready to face it and personality to stick to our values, to do what we know is the right thing to do.

It is very easy to see everybody doing what is wrong and, when we face the same situation, we do the same, not because we think it’s right, but because everybody else is doing it.

Don’t do it. Stick to your values.
This is your message to the world, of what you think is right, of how you think people should behave, of how you think the world should be. Maybe it will turn up to be it. We are responsible for this world too, each one of us, and the direction it is taking.

By doing the right thing (not only by the law, but by your values), maybe you will influence somebody else’s behavior, which will influence somebody else’s behavior. You may not get out of the situation as the smart ass, as many always like to be. But even if it don’t pay in the short run, you’ll at least have done your part.
You have a role to play in the future of this world.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Children or kidney?

As the last posts, we continue to be surprised by atrocities, things that we haven't even dreamt are really happening right now.
We definitely lost track of human kind when money and power overcame dignity, tolerance and the simple fact of being alive.
We decided to ignore everything to not loose a couple of bucks. Should everything be "an eye for an eye". Shouldn't we try to understand and listen, ask and give?

"I am helpless. Should I sell my children? Should I go sell my children? So, it's better I sell my kidney.
These are the words of a desperate man.

Mohammed Iqbal said he has been told by his landlord to pay up on debts and is left with a choice facing others in this impoverished corner of Pakistan: Sell your children or a kidney.
For Iqbal, there is only one option. Despite a law passed in late 2007 banning transplants for money, he has decided to sell his kidney and has already been for pre-operation tests. The sale will net him between $1,100 and $1,600.Iqbal was not alone in facing this difficult decision. Others opted to sell their kidneys. One of them was Rab Nawas, who was deep in debt about a year ago to his landlord after borrowing money to pay for his wedding and to cover medical bills for his wife and six children. He, too, faced the choice: sell his children, his wife or a kidney. I had to return the money," said Nawas, who now bears a foot-long scar that wraps around from his back to his belly and is too weak to work the same hours he could before."
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We are blind, walking as we are able to see. In our path is an endless abyss. Lets keep walking toward the end.


More information about the new album, 365

MindFlow has announced more information about its album, 365.

They are going to release information every wednesday, starting on August 19th:
- Aug 19th: Name of the song
- Aug 26th: Official Photo of the song/Wallpaper
- Sept 2nd: Lyrics of the song
- Sept 9th: Song

With each song, it will be released an exclusive product (T-shirts, caps, etc.)

You can choose what is going to be the first product!
There is an online poll at poll.letyourmindflow.com
Let us know your opinion!!


Monday, July 13, 2009

War in Somalia

War erupted Sunday between Somalia's transitional government forces and Islamist rebels, continuing a wave of violence.

On the last blog post, we saw how children are being trained to suicidal bombing missions, now women and children are the targets.

In this new wave of attacks in Somalia, its being clear that civilians are bearing the brunt of violence. It became a signature feature of conflicts in Africa to target the ones that have nothing to do with war. A signature feature! We use children for bombing because they draw less attention. We kill women and kids to provoke the enemy.

These days tolerance became a rare and almost unreachable word. More, it mutated to a term that doesn’t exist in our thoughts, maybe just a word of moth.... but not a word of heart.

Somalia has been mired in chaos since 1991.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

MindFlow: news about the new album

1 song a month during 1 year. MindFlow 365 lets you inside MindFlow’s world.

We want our songs to represent the exact moment we are living, we want you to listen what is into our minds at the moment!

MindFlow will portray how their minds are going to flow during a year.

By releasing 1 song a month, you’ll listen the feelings and sensations of a group of people during 12 months of their lives.

The first song is going to be released on 09/09/09 and the fans will be able to be part of this journey too!

Watch for the next news!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pakistan and children suicide bombing

What else now?!

In Pakistan, a Military group is buying and selling children for suicide bombings.
Some of the children are only 11. Once trained, the children are worth $6,000 to $12,000, Pakistani military officials said.

We pass from "dying for something" to make innocent children kill themselves for a very obscure reason to protect cowards.

Did we loose all the respect for life? If even a children became a instrument of insanity, it means we lost the faith for what represents us in the future.

This absurd act shows we don't care for what is coming. We just don’t care for nothing. We are lost souls in a planet we don't deserve.
The human kind is marching for what we call a beautiful death.

We’ve got to put an end to this!