Monday, March 30, 2009

The Planet Hour

Have you ever heard about the Planet Hour?
It’s a protest against the Global Warming. The Earth Hour 2009 was on March 28th at 8:30PM, and millions of people took action switching off their lights for one hour as a way to contribute and protest.

The Planet hour has passed, but we always can use any hour to save our planet.
What you can do

Also check this experience. It’s really cool!

Friday, March 27, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #17

In this edition, MindFlow:
- talks about the Brazilian tour with Sepultura and Angra.
- answer the question of the week: "I live in Italy and I can't find MindFlow's CD in here. Where can I buy it?"
- talks about the debut of MindFlow's Videoclip Breakthrough on MTV Brazil.
- much more!


Monday, March 23, 2009

World Water Day

We are in the week that holds the World Water Day (March 22nd) and a billion people on our planet still lack access to clean and safe drinking water.

Protect our water is a must for every person living in this planet.

But you can do more! Take for example our friends from “Charity: Water” (We talked about them on the related Post “Our Water”). They have now funded 1,247 water projects in 14 countries, transforming the lives of more than 650,000 people. They just returned from visiting their wells in Central African Republic.

I thought it would be good to bring back some old post subjects so we can see where it is going and also to continue to stimulate you to help!

Music opens our heart and… we must do something with our now opened new heart. If you want to help increase statistics of places with clean and drinkable water, visit Charity: Water, they will help you begin your project!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #16 - Breakthrough Video Special

Special edition of the new Breakthrough Videoclip release.
(Available at MySpace:
In this edition Rafael Pensado and Rodrigo Hidalgo watch the videoclip commenting curiosities and the step by step of the shooting!


Monday, March 16, 2009


The ocean is the ocean. Nothing more, nothing less.

Things are not things because we wanted to be. They exist within their essence.

I always asked myself if the color red is the same for the eye of others. Probably not… Maybe if we could see with the eyes of other people we could see opinions, as they were ours. We would understand different points of view.

We would have compassion. Real compassion! The compassion that we show today is just pity reflected on our self-image. We must see with the eye of others to feel real compassion.

One day, I stopped at a red sign. A needed guy came to my window and I thought: “Oh no…” I gave the guy a few coins and then it hit me: “Why I did that? Why I gave him money?” Did I gave him money to help or I just paid him to go away?” One thing is for sure. Those coins that I gave him would not help that much…

Gandhi said: eye for an eye will make the world blind. That’s true.
Maybe when we start seeing with the eye of others, because nobody wants to lose an eye…

Gandhi’s mind is fairway from our minds. He already saw with our eyes and came back to his.

MindFlow: Breakthrough VideoClip:


Friday, March 13, 2009

NEW Videoclip on March 16th (mon) at MySpace

The New MindFlow VideoClip, of the song "Breakthrough", will be released this monday, March 16th, at MindFlow's MySpace Page: .

At the same day, the album "Destructive Device" will be completely available for streaming!

Check it out this monday, March 16th!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #15

In this edition MindFlow:
- Show the new Elite Trooper Street Team Premiun identification card (available soon).
- answer the question of the week: "What do you like better: recording on studio or playing live?"
- talk about the new VideoClip release on March 16th (mon) on MySpace.
- talk about fans support on India (Vivek) and Russia (Natashe).
- much more!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Ladies and Gents…The one and only…OUR EGO!

Fill in the blaks:
The mountain is an ocean. The ocean is a …….

As we all know, a mirror reflects the exact same image that stands in front of it. (Maybe if you are in an amusement park standing in front a funny mirror the statement above doesn’t apply… but you got the picture). The mirror doesn’t think, it just does. It’s his essence.

Our Real Ego is like a straight mirror; it doesn’t have a shape or even a filling. It just refects.

But our ego, ohhh…that’s different! Our Ego has a selfish consciousness that is really distant from our outside, a mere phenomenon from this finite world we live in.

Sometimes kindness stands in front of us and we reflect hate.

Sometimes love and hate stands in front of us and we choose only to reflect or give back hate, is like we have the ability to reflect only what is good for our interesting. (The real mirrors must be jealous!!! They can’t do that!!!)

Probably we would suffer a lot less if we could see death as life, bright as dark, a table as a flower and maybe love as love… The fact is we distort life for our ego’s benefit. (Maybe we live in an amusement park… with a funny essence).

The ocean is a ….


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MindFlow VideoBlog #14

Weekly VideoBlog from the Brazilian rock band MindFlow #14.
In this edition MindFlow:
- talks about the release of the Breakthrough Videoclip, which is going to happen on March 16th on MySpace.
- at the same date the "Destructive Device" album will be completely available for streaming on MySpace.
- talks about the new compilation of MindFlow songs from their three albuns. Its called "Just a Destructive Mind" and can be downloaded for free at
- answer the question of the week: "When is MindFlow going to start recording a new album?"
- much more!


Monday, March 2, 2009

If we want to transform the world, we must first transform ourselves

I will use irony on this post; it seems to work better when confronting the obvious.

If we want something, we have to do the actions that lead us to that particular result. For example: If you want to walk through a wall, you have to walk towards the right door, open it and walk! Simple! We do things like that all the time. (That’s the obvious part I was talking before).

Moving forward with the obvious adding a little taste of irony…

Let’s say we all want something different then just walk from one place to another, let’s say for instance we want PEACE. So, like the previous example going to the other room was our objective, peace is now what we are focusing on.

You have to reach to the instrument that makes our objective possible; we have to open the door to peace. Ohhh I Know there isn’t such door… But if you curse people at traffic, lie (even a small lie counts), do things are good for you but bad to others you are locking the pass way to peace, its like you are putting heavy furniture in front of the door, making even harder to get to your objective.

The irony and the best part of life are that the title of a blog or a book always tells us the more important secrets. But the “ah… now I see” comes always after the whole reading.