Monday, August 31, 2009

The Brazilian way of Politics

We are again approching a time of descion regarding the presidential election. Our President, Lula, can't run for reelection again, he is now finishing his second period in charge, so according to brazilian laws, he can do a third mandate.
But, he has a candidate: Dilma Rousseff, one of todays Minister of Lula's goverment.

She is actually a new face for most of the brazilians, but her background goes beyond a regular politician.

In the 60's and 70's she was member of obscure groups. She was taken to jail, beaten... Why? She was fighting for what she belives. That's great you may think! But Let's go a little further to find out what are those beliefs we are talking...
She was the mind behind one of the most famous roberies in brazilian history when the former governate Adhemar de Barros had his house safe robed by Dilma's group. 2,5 million dollars were taken on that afternoon. She was also part of the group that stoled a truck full of weapons from the army back in the day. Every time considered, by her fellow partners, the mind behind the crimes.

Now she wants to be a president.
But I keep asking myself... why???

Maybe she is different now...
or maybe she consider the brazilian people stupid.

Let's hope for the best.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


As you know, we have a new project comming up: "MindFlow 365"

The idea is to release one song per month through an entire year! This new idea will kick off on Sept 9 and the first sond is called "THRUST INTO THIS GAME".

Releasing one song per month give us the opportunity to give the fans something fresh, something that we just created.

"THRUST INTO THIS GAME" was born from our deep desire for a more justice place to live. We seem to be thrust into this game of corruption, falacies and plots provided by our politicians that uses the power given by our democracy to make their lives an oasis drilled inside a fortress of hungry, poverty and injustice.
"THRUST INTO THIS GAME" is a call. We are calling everyone that somehow were thrusted into this game to react and stand for what is right and fight the most dangerous plot we've ever had to face.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When wrong became normal

We are living in a era where we became extremely peaceful with facts that should be making our heart turn into pieces.

We lost the ability to react! We accept atrocities, injustice, lack of honesty and principle considering all just “normal”.

I keep asking myself if “normal” means that those bad things are common in our society or we just are evil as the facts.

Trusting in my instinct I am compel to keep talking about the lack of manhood showed by politicians here in Brazil. As wrote on the last post, José Sarney, Senate’s president is still on duty as if nothing happened. A thief sitting on the chair that represents justice. Is there something more absurd? And yet we do nothing, all just seems normal...

Facts like this should make the people take the streets and fight for justice and what is right. We should carry the truth inside our words and hearts.

Let us turn this time of injustice in a time of honesty. Let us fight for what is right. Enough with the wrong things considered normal. Normal is to be right and correct!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Do it today!

Leaving things for the future make the present an awfull time to exist.
When talking about taking care of the human kind, tomorrow seems more far away.
We are leaving ourselves for tomorrow when we put things that really matter aside, important things as our planet, people around us, our family.

Here in Brazil, we are facing again problems regarding the lack of manhood in many of our polititions.
Sarney, Senate's presidentand former President of Brazil is using "today" for his own benifits, leaving the people, who as a matter of fact put him there, for tomorrow, or to be more precise... for never.
This man was born in 1930. Imagine, he is still think how can he take advantage of the poor.
We think that, as the years go by, we become more mature, peaceful and intelligent.
Sarney did the exact opposite.

Remember we will never live the day after today. Today is the only day we have.
Tomorrow is just a disguise and yesterday a memory to regret or something to be proud of.
They all live together inside the day we are still living.

Please, do not regret and do not be proud of. Do not live in a disguise.
Be a good person today... Now.
Simple as that!