Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Ride

So... our musical journey continues as we are heading to the second "365" song.
"The Ride" is the name of MindFlow's new music.
As "Thrust into this Game" The Ride express our deepest thoughts about the contemporary world.
This time we want to express the truly meaning of freedom.
The second when you find your innerself and connect with the empty space.
The Ride tries to capture the moment when the wind rides with you and you simply let go.

For us writting those songs turn to be a very inspiring and meaningful experience. You can now look back and watch ourselves evolve into something else. We are the same candle, but with a different flame.
Let's see what we have to burn on the following months...


Monday, September 21, 2009

Imposible things

On Sept 11. we played at ProgPower X.
What an experience! The perfect envoirement for a perfect rock night.

We knew that it would be a great festival, very well organized, professional etc.
But when we got there we were amazed and we saw how things should be done in every field of life: Top quality professionals working with passion, respect, talent and hard work. The key elements for a successful project.

... and more! Many of those involved in the event were working just to help and for the satisfaction of being part of something so special. Our heart was toched and it was a lesson learned that we will carry inside our minds forever.

We should believE in ourselves, fight for what we believe even when no one believes in you.

That is when imposible things become posible. And you turns to be special.