Monday, January 26, 2009


FGV (Getúlio Vargas’s Foundation) put together a study indicating that 53% of the Brazilian population doesn’t have access to basic sanitation and if based on the progress made along the country’s history, the problem will be completely solved on the year 2122.

On the other hand the public machine grew. According to the government, on the first 3 years of the actual administration, more than 37,500 new political ranks were created with no further explanation. The spends pass over US$ 300 millions with all that people.

Problems like lack of basic sanitation for more than half of the people living in Brazil, poverty and no access to medical care are not new issues in Brazilian history.

So we can’t help but to ask why spend US$ 300 millions creating 37,500 new inside the government jobs when you can invest this money to solve problems or, at least, to extinguish the suffering from the more needed? This question may sound naïve, and the government probably has a very wise answer.

But the fact remains…

Apparently, for some unknown reason, the government prefer to grow than to do the job they were hired to.

They prefer to become fat, leaving the children thinner.


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